Is a company based in Sweden, owned and run by Cecilia Wingård. Her interest in gardening has followed her throughout her life and has been a great source of relaxation & inspiration for her as well as everyone around her. Thanks to her vast experience, Cecilia has become the queen of sweet peas in Sweden and supplies seed all over Europe to approx. 200 people daily. Cecilia herself handles all the stages by hand; counts seed, writing labels, sealing, packages and shipping.
For a number of years, Cecilia held a 'Sweet Pea Festival' in her own garden. It attracted thousands of delighted visitors from all over Sweden, who came to admire her garden full of sweet peas. This was the start of Sweet Peas International. Cecilia has so far written and published two books in Swedish that have both been very successful, ’Sweet pea’ (2018) & "Flowers - grow your own cut flowers" (2020).
The next book, "A World of Sweet Peas" will be written in English in cooperation with the UK’s leading sweet pea expert and breeder Phil Johnson. The book is planned to be published internationally in November 2024.