A World of Sweet Peas

After digging deep in the Swedish soil for almost 10 years, we now make our move out into Europe. And we are so excited! We welcome you all into a wonderful world of scent, color and cultivation. The masterpiece 'A world of Sweet Peas' will be released in nov 2024 internationally. The book is written by Cecilia Wingård in cooperation with the sweet pea expert of the UK and breeder Phil Johnson.
This book will be filled with big, beautiful pictures, cultivation advice, history and of course many beautiful, new varieties.

Make sure to get your copy of the book. 

How to grow Sweet Peas

From seed to beautiful flowers

Step by step - Guide

Make sure you follow our step by step guide to have great success with you sweet peas. 
The easiest way to get beautiful, sweet peas is to sow the seeds indoors at room temperature. You can sow in week XX if you live in climate zone XX. After just under two weeks, when the worst of the winter is over, you can take your plants outside.
Use a regular plastic pot, approx. 9 cm. Fill the pot almost to the brim with regular soil and pack tightly. Water through the pot with plenty of water flowing through. Pack the soil again. Place up to 20 seeds on the packed surface and fill with another 2-3 cm of soil. Water gently. Place the pot in a regular plastic bag with the opening facing upwards. It functions as its own little greenhouse. Place the open bag in a bright place indoors at room temperature (20–23°). After about 10 days, the seeds have grown and become a few centimeters high.
When the sprouts are about 5-7 cm high, put the pot outside, still in its plastic bag. Water a little if it feels dry. Exposing the plants to the cold makes them strong and healthy. They should be hardened and feel good about it. They withstand down to minus 8 degrees (–8°).If it gets colder, you can temporarily bring the pot inside or cover it with a cultivation cloth. Leave the pot outside until you find it tempting to work outside.
Now it's time to replant, which means to divide the plants and put them in their respective pots, until it's time to put them in their final place. Alternatively, you can place them at their final destination directly.The plants should be planted in well-worked, well-fertilized soil in a sunny or semi-shady position.Place with approx. 10–15 cm distance and 60–100 cm distance between rows.If you plant in a large pot, at least 20 litres, about 5 plants will fit. Pot cultivation requires careful watering and fertilization!The plants need support from e.g. hazel branches, birch bark, reinforcing mats or trellis. The tall sweet pea varieties grow 180–300 cm high.
Fertilize continuously with e.g. chicken manure. Water the roots thoroughly with a watering can when it is dry. Do not use water sprinklers, which destroy the flowers.Pick flowers all the time, every day and preferably early morning or late evening. As soon as the plant sets seed, it stops blooming.The more you pick, the more sweet peas bloom.
Don't forget to water every day, preferably in early morning or late night. 
Good luck and enjoy your sweet peas!